“Dear Sexy Star, There is no excuse

for what you did”

– Chris O’Mealy 9/18/17 – 9:15Pm

Sexy Star brought the old brand of locker room justice to the ring, and no one is having it.

Being a writer is my dream in life. This is what I want to do as a career. I want to write about anything and everything. Veracity has given me that opportunity, and I could not be more grateful for it. It is my pleasure to sit down once a week and give you my thoughts and opinions about the business I love so very much. A business that’s been wonderful to me, and owes me nothing while I owe it everything. I love writing and I love professional wrestling, so it’s a privilege to discuss it with you, my loyal readers.

Unfortunately, no matter how great something can be, it’s never truly infallible. There will always be tons of faults in the professional wrestling industry, no matter how intensely my passion for it is burning within. Whenever something negative about the business comes forward, I can get very defensive in a short period of a time. After all, negativity never brews anything useful. Negative thoughts and emotions can lead to mistakes, which can then lead to people getting hurt. Sadly, this was the case at TripleMania, when Sexy Star popped Rosemary’s arm out of her socket at the end of their match.

The match in question was a four way featuring Sexy Star defending her Reina de Reinas Championship against Rosemary, Lady Shani & Ayako Hamada. Some point in the match, Star and one of the other competitors starting shooting on each other. Shooting, for those unaware, is wrestling vernacular for going off-script and actually hurting one another. In other words, Star and one of the other girls that wasn’t Rosemary, for whatever reason, stopped working professionally and started legitimately trying to injure each other. I’m not sure what the actual story there is, as no sources I’ve researched has given a straight answer yet. All I know is whoever angered Star wasn’t actually Rosemary. The finish of the match, supposedly, was Rosemary tapping out to the Armbar as illustrated, but after the bell rang, Sexy Star re-applied the hold and popped Rosemary’s shoulder out of her socket due to her earlier beef with either Shani or Hamada. Sexy Star intentionally hurt a fellow competitor, AFTER the match was done, for no good reason. The only reasoning was her anger, but all that can be chalked up to is unprofessionalism.

One of the most important lessons I learned, sitting in an old garage/warehouse with a wrestling ring inside, surrounded by posters, learning how the business operated, was that wrestling was built on trust. Two people were performing an art, creating an athletic show without actually hurting one another. Yes, bumps and bruises were inevitable, but you had to put your trust in the person you were working with so that they’d take care of you. One of the biggest slaps in the face of the entire business is to violate that trust, and intentionally cause harm to the individual who was trusting you. It’s an act that simply has zero excuse, no matter what. You finish the match, and then squabble your beef in the locker room. Or the parking lot. Inside that ring, you are to trust each other and be professional at all time, for respect of the business, the paying fans, the promoters who are giving you that spotlight, and all the boys and girls sharing that locker room with you that may someday have their own body in your hands.

Sexy Star made a critical error, and it has cost her dearly. She immediately began to lose various booking dates left and right. Promoters were calling for a blacklisting of her in the business, refusing to put her on their shows. Other workers were publicly calling her out, and will not want to work a match with someone like her in the future. In essence, she committed an act of career suicide in the professional wrestling business. Her future looks bleak at best.

If Sexy Star is booked on another show, the locker room will be wary of her presence. Anyone she’s working with is not going to put their trust in her fully, and will be on guard at all times. Some fans will root her on and cheer for her to maim her opponent (an act of disrespect from the fans but that’s a different story for a different article) but many of them who know the story will boo her out of the building, even if she’s booked as the babyface. Other wrestlers who will end up wanting to work with her may end up trying to shoot on her as payback, which is a dangerous situation to be in. She will lose paydays and opportunities left and right, while having to be extra cautions around those she does work with in the future. That’s not a good position to be in.

The rumor mill has stated she may want to return to boxing. Hopefully none of the women she faces in the boxing ring will take offense to her actions on Rosemary, or they may try to beat her even harder. Sexy Star really is in a position that nobody will be envious of.

The worst part about this is that Rosemary, who didn’t even anger Star in the first place, has to suffer an injury, lose dates and TV time, all because of Sexy Star’s bogus actions. None of this is fair, and none of this is respectable. There is no excuse for what Sexy Star did. There’s nothing sexy about it, and her star power is ironically being crushed by this.

If I were running a show, I sure as hell wouldn’t book Sexy Star to compete in any capacity. I have a feeling many other promoters will feel the same way.

I wish her luck in her future career, if she even has one anymore. Let her actions be a lesson to every other wrestler out there. It is NEVER okay to shoot on someone in the professional wrestling business. Let her misdirection be a positive for everybody else. Stay professional and keep your reputation one of trust and respect. Otherwise, get the hell out of the business. The wrestling business doesn’t need people like her in it.

As for her little “explanation” I buy none of it. She’s not the victim here. Playing stupid makes her look even stupider.

Sexy Star, I am no longer a fan of yours after being so high on you since discovering you.

It will be a long time before she redeems herself in the eyes of the fans and the business.


Question and Answer

Let’s see what we got in this week’s mailbag.


Q: After viewing the PWI 500 rankings, do you believe there are wrestlers who should have been placed higher or lower in the rankings, and if so, who are they, and where should they have been placed? (@Destroyer_Moyer on Twitter)

A: I wouldn’t change a thing, because the PWI Top 500 is all based on ability, booking, exposure, and a number of other factors that I don’t think a lot of fans truly grasp. That’s why they always complain when Roman Reigns is anywhere near the top. I like the list, and if people wanna argue against Okada at #1 or Roman in the top 5, the list probably isn’t for them. That being said, if you’re a worker who is whining because you’re not on it, please kindly quit your social media complaining and start working your ass off next year if it truly means that much to you.


Q: Do you foresee the Authors Of Pain getting buried like The Ascension and The Vaudevillians when they move up to the main roster? (Matt H. of pollinracingpodcast.podomatic.com)

A: I sincerely hope not. While I’m not a fan of the Authors of Pain, they were admittedly booked much better than the Ascension in NXT. A lot of fans seems to forget that the Ascension’s insane tear on NXT was mostly against jobbers, while the Authors of Pain dismantled a lot of credible teams in their wake of destruction. Plus, the inclusion of Paul Ellering as a mouthpiece gives them instant credibility. I don’t think we’ll see the same type of burial as the Ascension. The Vaudevillians were more of a victim of Simon Gotch’s backstage heat, which became more apparent after his release led to Aiden English getting a lot more time on television. As long as Akam and Rezar keep their noses clean, I think they’ll do quite well on the main roster.


Q: With Mark Henry announcing his retirement recently, who do you think he should have had one last feud with to put him over? (@Trel67 on Twitter)

A: I think it’s a shame Mark Henry didn’t get a final big program to go out on, opting for a quiet retirement instead, even though his fake retirement a few years back got a great response from the crowd when they thought it was legitimate. I think a feud with Bray Wyatt would’ve been a great way to go out, or to truly put over Braun Strowman as a legitimate badass by having him destroy the World’s Strongest Man. For a feud with better ring work, Finn Balor or Samoa Joe would’ve been great opponents too. I’m happy for Mark Henry to go out on his terms, and I hope we see him in the WWE Hall of Fame soon.


Q: NXT Takeovers regularly have at least 3 theme songs, while the following night’s “bigger” pay-per-view usually has no more than 2 (& sometimes only 1); why do you think that is? (@MarkJabroni via Twitter)

A: The PPV’s generally get one theme song for the entire show, and sometimes a second one for a particular feud. TakeOver specials seem to use three songs to incorporate the two biggest matches, generally the Women’s and the NXT Championship matches. I think it’s simply a decision made by NXT creative over main roster creative, and likely influenced by Triple H. I’m not opposed to it, as overplaying one theme song can get redundant fast. Look back on any old episode of Raw from the 2000’s and you’ll hear the same song all night long. Now Raw uses a few different tracks to set the flow of the show. It’s smart, and the artists get exposure for it. I hope they keep it up.



Chris O’Mealy is a former indy wrestling promoter, ring announcer, manager and referee. Clearly, he is a big pro wrestling fan. He is the founder and moderator of the Club Kayfabe Creative Community, which you can like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. He hosts three podcasts (Club Kayfabe WrestleTalk, Talkin’ Talkies, and The Jersey Rain Hour) which can all be found on Facebook and Podomatic. He also writes for his own blog which you can read at http://comealy17.wordpress.com. He can be reached on Twitter @chrisomealy or emailed directly at comealy17@yahoo.com. You may also contact him on Facebook (facebook.com/chrisomealy), but he will only accept a friend request if you introduce yourself to him first.



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