We Need a Women’s Royal Rumble

– Chris O’Meally 10/3/17 – 9:34Pm

The dirt sheets are a buzz and so are our brains with the thought of a woman’s Royal Rumble.

The dirt sheets are reporting that we may finally get to see a women’s Royal Rumble match at the annual January PPV event. This rumor comes as no surprise to the modern era of women’s wrestling, as we’ve seen the formerly called Divas break into the Hell in a Cell and the Money in the Bank match all within the past 365 days. This is also something a few women, notably Becky Lynch, have also been pushing for. While it’s still just speculation at this point, the fact that the idea has reached a degree that the dirt sheets are reporting it means that the seeds are planted somewhere.

If you ask me, this is a long overdue more for the women of the sport, although the timing couldn’t be more perfect to happen in 2018. This got me thinking as to what this match would end up being. Would we get two full Rumbles on the PPV? Not likely, and also not necessary. The same thing could be accomplished by using twenty girls at a sixty second time interval. That would assure that the match only runs about a half hour and change, more than enough time for a PPV opener. Some will argue that the girls match should be equal overall. Some will argue that the second Rumble waters down the match. Both sides will be correct to varying degrees, which is why I want to meet in the middle.

This is how I would book this match.

Originally when I envisioned this match concept there was only one championship in WWE for women. So my original concept that would see the Rumble be for the title itself is out the door. Instead, make it a #1 contender’s match with the winner choosing which title she wants, like WWE used to do it in the early brand extension.

First, I’d have both brand champions sit in on commentary. Let’s assume it’ll be Alexa Bliss and Nattie Neidhart for simplistic purposes. Then I’d use twenty girls from both brands, NXT, and a few surprises. We can even use thirty with the sixty second intervals for a match that would still work.

Who would be available? On Raw, you have Alicia Fox, Asuka, Bayley, Dana Brooke, Emma, Mickie James, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks. There’s eight competitors already. Now add Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte, Lana, Naomi, and Tamina Snuka. Fourteen. The remaining six slots could be filled by surprises like Summer Rae, Paige, or Nikki Bella. Maybe Brie will be ready by then. Throw in some NXT girls, like Ember Moon, Liv Morgan, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross, Sonya Deville, or Kairi Sane. You also have a roster full of girls from the Mae Young Classic to use, not to mention plenty of options for surprise one-offs. Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly still work closely with WWE. Maybe Molly Holly will appear. There’s no shortage of talents to fill all the slots, regardless of how many girls they use.

Who gets the historic #1 and #2 spots? Bayley and Sasha. Plant the seeds for their feud that culminates at WrestleMania. Who comes out last? Nia Jax, to help clear house, and get whoever eliminates her over big time. Who wins? That I don’t know. If this came to be, I’d push for Asuka. I’d book Asuka away from the title until the Rumble, only to have her win the historic match and gun for the champion. One more accolade to her already impressive list.

We need a women’s Royal Rumble, and we deserve a women’s Royal Rumble. Experiment with it and see what works. Try it with twenty and sixty second slots. If it doesn’t work, modify it next year.

What do they have to lose?

This is the biggest time for women in the WWE, and it’s time that they capitalize on it any way they can. If the girls can go at Survivor Series, Hell in a Cell, and Money in the Bank, they can absolutely go for the Royal Rumble.

While that basically sums up my feelings on this (currently) rumored match, I want to quickly address another story that happened this week. Sasha Banks came under fire for basically chastising fans who she feels stalk wrestlers at the baggage claim. This prompted heat from Shane Douglas of all people, claiming it comes with the territory and if you don’t want to be stalked then don’t be in the limelight. Matt Hardy even took a shot at her by saying he happily took photos with fans at baggage claim and that it’s part of the job. Sasha is probably my favorite women’s wrestler of all time – even over Trish and Lita, and even over Stacy Keibler, Catrina, and Leva Bates (shocking I know) but with all bias aside, I both agree and disagree with her. Yes, being famous does mean extra attention anywhere you go, and while I can understand 4:30 AM in an airport is the epitome of crankiness in traveling, you should still appreciate and accept your fans. On the other hand, Sasha feels like some fans go into overboard, and stalking is NOT acceptable in any form. In fact it’s illegal.

Fans have been known to track down wrestlers at hotels, restaurants, gyms, and other places to bother them, and that’s pushing it. If you run into a fan by chance, you should be humble and take two seconds to greet them back. But if they are being creepy or aggressive, you have every right to ignore them or tell them to F off. Sadly, female performers have a history of being stalker targets far more than males, so I think Sasha’s point of view is a bit different than where Shane Douglas was coming from. Overall, I take Sasha’s side on this, with all bias aside. If you stalk anyone, you’re a bad person, and you should be arrested and charged accordingly. The more stalking wrestlers endure, the less they become polite to their fans, ruining it for everybody else. AJ Lee has a rule against hugging fans she meets, because she’s been sexually assaulted by fans in the past. That’s crossing the line.

Don’t stalk. Period.

I hope we get a women’s Royal Rumble in 2018. WWE owes Philly that, for giving them a badly booked Rumble with a Roman Reigns victory last time they were there in 2015 (I know because I was there). Let’s get this match going, and let’s make women equal in WWE!


Question and Answer


Small mailbag this week, but I’ll answer what I got.


Q: Who do you think was the biggest can’t miss prospect who didn’t make it big for whatever reason in WWF/E? (Matt H. of pollinracingpodcast.podomatiic.com)

A: Low Ki aka Kaval comes to mind. So does Frankie Kazarian, James Storm, and Chris Harris. All great talents who all kind of shot themselves in the foot. I also think WWE squandered Colt Cabana’s popularity by making him a generic Jewish babyface. Zack Ryder should be main event by now. Christian and William Regal should be multiple time champions. Carlito, Chris Masters, Ken Anderson, MVP, and Santino Marella all proved themselves, but didn’t break the glass ceiling. Most of those are because of bad decisions rather than bad breaks. Daniel Bryan could arguably be put in this category too, since WWE held him down basically forever. Awesome Kong comes to mind too, although her leaving was understandable. There’s plenty more, but those all came to mind first and foremost. WWE is wasting talents like Luke Harper and half of 205 Live right now, and I really want that to change soon.


Q: Who do you think will be the next call up from NXT? (@Trel67 via Twitter)

A: It was reported on the dirt sheets not too long ago that WWE had their eyes on Asuka, and her call-up is now confirmed. That same rumor also named Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Aleister Black, No Way Jose and the Authors of Pain. If I had to put money on it, I’d predict it would be one of them. I think the Authors of Pain will be next. They recently lost their titles to Sanity, who is now in a feud with reDragon, so AoP has nowhere left to go. I think Billie and Peyton will be next, to help the numbers on the main roster for the girls. I’d hold off on Black and Jose for now, since I think they need some polishing, but I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them on the main rosters.


Q: Why does WWE insist on having their babyfaces act like heels? (@ThisIsChev via Twitter)

A: Ever since Stone Cold Steve Austin got over as a rebellious babyface, WWE has ran with the concept and the cultural turnover of loving the anti-hero ever since, but they do go a little overboard with the babyfaces all trying to be cool characters. Fortunately, the babyfaces don’t actually work matches like heels right now, but they can certainly cut promos like them. I would prefer a worker acting heel on the mic when they shouldn’t and still delivering good promos and good matches instead of a lukewarm happy babyface giving us lackluster matches.


Chris O’Mealy is a former indy wrestling promoter, ring announcer, manager and referee. Clearly, he is a big pro wrestling fan. He is the founder and moderator of the Club Kayfabe Creative Community, which you can like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. He hosts three podcasts (Club Kayfabe WrestleTalk, Talkin’ Talkies, and The Jersey Rain Hour) which can all be found on Facebook and Podomatic. He also writes for his own blog which you can read at http://comealy17.wordpress.com. He can be reached on Twitter @chrisomealy or emailed directly at comealy17@yahoo.com. You may also contact him on Facebook (facebook.com/chrisomealy), but he will only accept a friend request if you introduce yourself to him first.


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